Thank You Panera Bread for Your Community Donations!

Our Youth Panera Bread Project Coordinator  and new board member for 2019:  (pictured above) This awesome youth volunteer picks up donations weekly at the close of business 200+ pounds of 'day-end bread' and packages the bread to be delivered to those in need.


Our Board of Directors 


Ine Saka - President  

Bilal Yasin El-Amin - Member  

Lucinda Shamsid-Deen - Member 

Khadijah Mahdi -   Public Relations & Correspondence Support  

Kevonte Hornes - Panera Bread Donation Project & Youth Coordination

Waliah Naji -Treasury and Secretarial Support & Youth Coordination

Michelle Saka El - Executive Director & Co. Founder

non-profit 501c3

Our Mission

 To define servant leadership and to develop strong capable leaders by offering fundamental prerequisites to leadership; education, academic support, skills training and character development.

Our History & Commitment to Leadership

To teach and develop servant leaders through education and example.  Our board consists of community elders, youth, and middle aged who are all community workers.  Being a good leader is about first recognizing good leadership then being a good follower and supporter of those leading in the work for justice, equality, and inclusiveness in our society and communities. Our programming over the years include prerequisites to leadership such as education and information on leadership, academics, rites of passages, moral support, skill training, character development, mentorships, internships, camps, workshops, issue and specialty centered theme clubs,  plus partnerships with government and community organizations that match our  mission 

Real Opportunities Supports the RVA Community Justice Film Series to "activate communities toward community justice."

Our Partners Past & Present

  • New African Ummah Online School (NAUOS)
  • CommunityJustice Film Series
  • Tawheed Prep School
  • Bonny's Garden Project
  • Renew Richmond Swansboro Garden
  • The Propagation Congregation
  • Muslim Women United
  • Islamic Home School Academy
  • Concerned Muslims for Change
  • Elders & Youth Empowerment Rites of Passage
  • United Parents Against Lead 
  • Sacred Women Sircle
  • Masjid Umm Barakah
  • Kwanza Kollective
  • Masjid Bilal
  • .....

Our Programs Past and Present

Listed below earliest to latest programs 

  • Spring Youth Leadership Camps 2005-2012
  • Rites of Passage Boys and Girls 2011 & 2015
  • Science Summer Camp with Summer Day Care 2017 & Registration is open for 2018
  • Bonny Garden Project & Renew Richmond Swansboro Garden Summer 2017
  • Home School Online Education Support Center and New African Ummah Online School (For info registration 2018-2019 see contact info on this website)
  • Numerous community causes, events, and activities with community organizations and individuals leading the way to an equal and just society so all communities thrive!


Phone:  804-410-1197   


Interested: Science Summer Or Online Education

I am interested In Science Summer & Day Care for ages 5-10

I am Interested in Home School Support Center or/and New African Ummah Online School