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Real Opportunities, Inc. focuses on leadership. In our society we take leadership for granted, believing that we understand leadership. What we must understand is that each of us individually is responsible for leadership. That means we must have knowledge of what it takes to be a leader and be able to lead!



Program Dates & Features: 

changed dates due to weather:

-Sat.-Sun, Feb. 21-22 NEW DATES FEB. 28-29NEW ACTIVITY GENERATION DREAM EDUCONCERT 2015 Virginia Library exhibit-To Be Sold and womanhood objectives rescheduled for March

-Fri.-Sun, April 17-19 Baltimore, MD, tour Black and Wax Museum and completion of womanhood objectives.

For details and to support this effort contact: or 804-868-0262


Sponsors 2012 Ujima Leadership Camp: Real Opportunities Inc., United Parents Against Lead, Elders and Youth Empowerment Rites of Passage, Masjid Umm Barakah


leaders for the new world

The Principles of Kwanzaa: Building Strong Character in Our Daughters 

Our Daughters Rites of Passage-

Completion of Objectives for our daughters. Your daughter can still join us. February 21-22 and weekend April 19-21. Date for induction ceremony and community welcoming for the daughters to be announced.

Purpose:  A program to bring our daughter’s together to know each other across their different religions, ethnic groups, and socio-economic backgrounds; to learn to support each other using the uniting principles of Kwanzaa (ngazu saba) while building individual character and increasing knowledge of the  lost African heritages.


2009 Youth Leadership Camp Social and Economic Justice with Virginia Organizing

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