Trip: African American Civil War Museum Jenna's Birthday 2007

Orator at the African American Civil War Museum speaks to visiting Richmond youth about leadership and unsung heroes.  Youth also learn about African history before slavery. The presentation filled many missing links in American history for us.

The Forgotten Ruins of the Ancient Cities of Afrika

(This Video Was Taken Down by Facebook 3 Times, there is Something they don't want you to see!) The Forgotten Cities the European Powers destroyed. We know at least 30+ Nations were destroyed in Afrika during the colonization of Afrika. We are always told that we had Nothing, and only had Civilization During the Nile Valley Civilization, and even then they Deny we were Black Afrikans. The Europeans, the Arab, and the White Jew Conquerors, along with the Missionaries said they were there to Civilize the Afrikan...Yet Afrikan Societies are the One's who Created Civilization. To have a Civilization you must be a Civil Society, a Peaceful Society, and this is why the different Afrikan Cities were Destroyed, this is Why Books Were Burned, This is Why Afrikan Spirituality Was Replaced, all in an Effort to erase the Civilized Memory of the Afrikan. A Conqueror does not Practice Civility, they Practice Barbarism & Imperialism. A Thief Steals What he/She does Not Have. NO ONE CAME to Civilize Afrikans, as WE WERE the Origin and Owners of Civilization. Its time to Remember, its time to Take Back our Humanity, Its time to Take Back our Civilizations with No Apology!If you think this type of Knowledge is necessary to lift Pride in self in our Black communities attend this important event to RAISE AWARENESS:

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leaders for the new world


Right: Youth Create "I'm A Leader" Posters for African History Month 2011

above: helping hands organization feeds homessless 

Portraying Famous African Queen Enslaved in Portugal 2009 EYE African History Celebration by EYE


Rites of Passage Celebration Cake

Right:  Youth African History Celebration  by EYE 2009

Above: Youth and Leaders Annual Leadership Camp 2009

 Below: Young Hajji Talks About Hajj